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Book Coaching

Book coaching helps your writing by developing productive practices. Together we determine your goals, identify your creation habits, and lock in your focus on the work. Writing locations, rituals, journaling to uncover meaning, tools like the Pomodoro timed practice — there’s so many concepts available to help.

I’m your guide to mastering the twisty path of getting your writing turned into a book.

Ron Seybold is as instrumental to my writing process as ink, paper and coffee. From story concept to final word, I rely on him for guidance every step of the way.
— John Koenig, Sailing to Cuba, Danuta

Your investment in coaching will deliver more writing. Together we develop a package that fits your project and your budget. Take your book to the finish line with coaching. Call me at 512-657-3264 to learn more. Sign up for your initial 10-hour package here.

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