Finishing School

Four Meetings - $200

If you’re working on a book, and writing too little, it’s time to enter Finishing School.

We struggle separately, alone with the pitfalls. Learn to finish, without judgment or even reading each other’s work, at Finishing School. We gather and make schedules for the week to come, getting specific about what we’ll do. Details help. We meet on a call, or a Zoom, because it’s personal work.

You gain a writing buddy so you can stay in touch with the work. You promise to text or email your buddy the moment you begin working.

We meet weekly and share how our plans worked. We plan and propose again, meet again, share about our efforts, and learn effective processes. It takes about three weeks to acquire any good habit. At the end of the fourth week we come back together to show off what we’ve done.

It’s all powered by practices of my training from Amherst Writers & Artists, the method that drives the Workshop. Get that writing project finished, polished, and published. Rely upon accountability without judgment, propelled by support.

Let’s talk about finishing: 512-657-3264. Or you can text me with your name, so we can get in touch. Get started on your finishing today.


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