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You can dream up a debut with a radio boost

October 29, 2019
Posted by:
Ron Seybold

Eric Gray's new book is Bases to Bleachers, a collection of stories from fans about each one's favorite baseball game. He reached out to the world for stories after his friends got him started. His book was on WBUR's Here and Now radio show earlier today.

Radio is with us even today, just as baseball and the World Series will be tonight. The sounds of stories told, and the stories about the telling of them, can be a powerful boost for a new book. Gray's book is self published, and he earned his way onto a radio show with nationwide distribution through NPR. Even though the book is only available through the wholesale distribution of Ingram Spark -- meaning it's a bookstore order if you want to purchase it in brick and mortar retail -- he's got sales being driven by the radio show.

Reach out to your local media, and you can get your book a big at-bat in the sales box.

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