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About Ron Seybold

I’ve been editing authors for more than three decades: books, stories, and articles, in fiction, memoir, and nonfiction. I’ve published a novel, Viral Times. My books — the memoir Stealing Home, plus my historical novel Sins of Liberty — have earned their way to Finalist shortlists at the Writer’s League of Texas.

Four novelists have been traditionally published after working in my manuscript groups; one earned her way to the New York Times Bestseller List. Several of the Workshop’s writers have won or been named Finalists in the Writer’s League of Texas Manuscript Contest.

I’m the only editor and creative coach in Greater Austin who uses the methods of the Amherst Writers & Artists to nurture and coach authors and polish their writing. Personal editing with professional results guides my work practices. I’ve been a panelist at the Writer’s League of Texas Third Thursday program, speaking on workshopping fundamentals. I’ve been a League member for more than 25 years as a volunteer, as conference faculty, as an editing and publishing resource, and as an author. I’m a WLT Community Member.

I volunteer at the Austin Bat Cave literacy program, tutoring in public schools. I served a three-year tour of duty in the US Army to pay for my college degree through the GI Bill. I’ve also cycled 35,000 miles over the last 18 years, starting with fundraising rides for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Dozens of miles a week on a bike are good practice for finishing lengthy projects like book edits.

Let's Connect

Stealing Home is the story of an eleven-day, nine-game trip with a Little Leaguer — and how a dad’s plans for perfection delivered things deeper than scores, miles, and smiles. You don’t have to drive 3,147 miles to find your way to fatherhood. When I did, something magical and rare appeared at the end, inside my heart as well as on a diamond on a tenth, unbidden game.

“Part baseball, part fatherhood, and all boyhood, Stealing Home plays out the mystery of love and family. Fueled by his determination to become a better dad, Seybold’s journey becomes a quest to reconcile the past and his future. The magic lies in the storytelling that travels the road to something perfect.” – Donna Johnson, author of Holy Ghost Girl: A Memoir
I’m also the author of the futuristic thriller Viral Times, a story published years before our pandemic about a viral outbreak in the near future, one that challenges how love can survive in a world where touch has become deadly. It’s received a 5-star review from Reader’s Favorite, recommended by Penguin Random House). Viral Times has been available in print at Austin’s BookPeople and Malvern Books, as well as an ebook edition on Amazon.
My Training
To help writers from inspiration to publication, I call on my University of Texas journalism degree; studies in Iowa’s Summer Writing programs, and workshops at the Tin House summer seminars; coaching and instruction from Writer’s League of Texas professionals such as novelist Karen Stolz; training from the American Copy Editing Society; plus seminars with plot master and agent Donald Maass and creative writing guru Natalie Goldberg.

I’m a certified Amherst Writers & Artists workshop leader and have trained other leaders. My author coaching is based on my creative coach training with Dr. Eric Maisel, a psychologist and the author of 14 books on creativity.
Audiobooks and podcasts
After a series of news reports on Austin’s NPR affiliate KUT, I’ve trained with Edge Studios to perform and produce audiobooks. It’s been a wonderful way to tap my 25 years of acting and my training from the University of Texas drama program.

My training and technical experience gave me the tools to produce the audiobook of Stealing Home, as well as the podcasts Author Audio and the yoga podcast Abby Unplugged, and a computer industry show built around HP’s business systems.
Since 2006, I’ve produced a writing news and publishing blog with articles, creative tips, publishing instruction, inspiration, and more. Subscribe to get your weekly edition of The Write Stuff with timely updates and notices. Deeper archives of my author training articles are at The Write Stuff’s WordPress repository.
I’ve worked as an editor and staff reporter at Austin-area newspapers, writing features, reporting news, covering sports, and reviewing the arts. I’ve also managed a team of editors in creating six technology trade news monthlies.

In 1995 my wife and I launched The 3000 Newswire in print as well as on the Web, creating the leading news resource for that HP business computer community. My full editing and writing profile is on LinkedIn. Connect with me, so we can partner up.
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