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About the Bolt: Don't hurry to publication

September 7, 2021
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Ron Seybold

There's a real mill operating out there for authors in a hurry. It's what I call the Self-Publishing Industrial Complex. Companies with names like The Write Life offer products and services to make publishing So Very Quick. You can create a book in 90 days, or get it published by the end of the year.

Yes, you can. But be certain you want to. Publishing fast might mean slipping under the waves of self-publishers without a trace. The pros stay afloat.

Chandler Bolt is one of the captains of Good Ship Quickpublish. His latest offer to land in my email inbox is a free peek at How to Get Your Book Done by the End of the Year. It's a Step-by-Step Process to Publishing in 90 Days or Less. (Nothing like capitalizing most words to make something more important.)

You get that darn book written pronto. Then you get it beta-read or development-edited. Wait, those aren't part of the Bolt path. Outside review is the professional way to create a book that will last, one that keeps growing its audience throughout your life. Better storytelling lasts longer.


Reviewing your options


There are other steps skipped in the Self-Publishing Industrial Complex. Waiting for reviews, so booksellers stock you. Amazon decides whether to do this, too. Its algorithms measure orders and purchases, and at the start of your Amazon sales life, there's nothing to propel your book except reviews. Even your launch tribe needs to post reviews. If you don't have reviews, you can publish anyway. But is it Real Self-Publishing, or Bolting into the great maw of Amazon?

Many things make up a professional, successful book launch. Bolting into being an author skips some steps. Some are important. Getting a book done in 90 days isn't a reasonable amount of time to make a story to be savored for years to come. You only get to publish a book once. Don't hurry, if you want to do it well.

Where is proofreading in the Bolt method? It's probably not in the email blasting phase. Otherwise, there wouldn't be the typo in that email in my inbox, the one where Bolt calls the product Self Publishng School.

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