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How to get your books discovered

August 10, 2022
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Ron Seybold

You worked hard through your revisions, your edits, your cover designs and interior page layout. You got proofing. The book's ready. Now your fine book deserves the work of discovery. These tasks will go beyond the release date of the book. They should be an every-month effort.

Send out a reminder to your network to review your book. You can use this task to keep expanding your network, inviting them to join. “I always wanted to include you in my tribe. Now that I’ve pushed through the work of writing my dream book, I need your help for its discovery.”

Comment on your current Amazon reviews, and on your Goodreads reviews, too. This establishes a connection to readers. Much better than just relying on Amazon’s algorithms.

Add something new to your Author Central page on Amazon. You can link your blog to Author Central and make automatic content updates appear on Amazon. Do 15 seconds of a video, talking about the book or your writing life.

Review and recommend a book in your genre or topic. When you do this review, send a link to your review to the author. Ask them to share it with their readers. Say you’re a big fan. Write recommending reviews! Leave the critique for the professional critics. Tell the review readers why they should spend time with the book you’re reviewing. Reviewing books of other authors connects you to an audience you don’t yet have.

Place a fresh link on your website. This is where having a blog on your website gives you a platform. If you put an excerpt of your freshest blog content onto the front page of your site, Google believes you are keeping your site fresh.

Create one piece of bonus content. This is a brief essay you can offer on a static page where you keep adding links. My site has a page called “Other Writings.” Create these from the parts of the book you’ve cut away with some regret. Now, those pieces can live on and help draw readers toward discovering your book.

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