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Tour book blogs, or find some podcasts

May 10, 2023
Posted by:
Ron Seybold

“And we gave her a blog tour” could turn out to be an education for you, even though a publisher is paying for it. The tour is sometimes a murky journey. It’s very hard to show how any blog tour sells books directly off the content on the blog. They often have few visitors. Success depends on how many people read that book blog. Lately, the book bloggers can find themselves being quoted in sales copy. That helps confirm a sale, but it doesn't get the reader to the page with the buy button.

These blogs sometimes want an author to answer a Q&A, and together with a publishing coach like me, you work on answers to those questions. The questions will be about your book and perhaps your writing and inspirations, because that’s what the blogs are promoting. One typical book blog tour stop is Texas Book Lover. The phantom power of blog tours is part of an article on 9 Myths About Book Marketing.

Instead of leaning heavily on blogs, you can try podcasts. How to Leverage the Power of Podcasting as a Novelist lays it all out; start at the video's 20:30 mark. You can offer yourself as a guest, using the Podcast Guests website.

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